Custom Tennis Sunglasses & Prescription Tennis Sunglasses

Custom Tennis Sunglasses & Prescription Tennis Sunglasses

Having trouble with your serve in the sun? Or maybe your game is off because you can't see with all of the shadows on the court? Don't let poor vision on the tennis court be your biggest competitor. SportRx offers a large selection of some of the best sports sunglasses, and Tennis Sunglasses are amongst the many sport sunglasses we carry. 

Our custom-tailored Tennis Sunglasses will put an end to all your squinting and all the glares that may set you back. These sunglasses will give you top quality UV protection and make that ball "pop". Enhance your performance playing the sports you love when you shop our collection of sports eyewear online at SportRx. Visit our blog for more recommendations on prescription sports sunglasses.

Prescription Tennis Sunglasses

Looking' for a new pair of prescription sport sunglasses, or to be specific, prescription tennis sunglasses? Look no further, you've found your place. With a dedicated team of opticians, the answers to all your prescription questions are just a phone call or online message away. At SportRx, we've been doing prescription sports eyewear for a long time and we have a passion for both aspects of it. We are athletes, but also total nerds about lenses, frames, and eyes so we've got this down. Give us a ring, you'll be happy you did!

SportRx Shipping & Return Policy

If your product or buying experience was anything less than the greatest of all time, then don't hesitate to send your prescription tennis sunglasses back to us. As long as you do so within 45 days of receipt, you'll be fully refunded or offered credit toward new prescription glasses you're sure to love. We'll cover all shipping costs involved. It's all a part of our See Better Guarantee.

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