Shooting Glasses & Prescription Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses & Prescription Shooting Glasses

From Randolph shooting glasses to Wiley X shooting glasses, we've got you covered with the best prescription shooting glasses online (and in the world!). Choose from a range of options like bifocal shooting glasses and contrast-enhancing amber and yellow lens tints. Whatever you need, our optics experts can custom tailor your prescription shooting glasses specific to your unique prescription and shooting conditions when you shop for your shooting glasses online at SportRx.  

Have questions about prescription shooting glasses? Feel free to contact our friendly SportRx opticians 7 days a week! We're here to help!

Optimal Eye Protection for Shooting

When it comes to eye protection for shooting, coverage is key. Shooting glasses with wrap around lenses, or lenses that curve over the sides of your eyes, keep you protected from the front and the periphery, shielding your eyes from debris and those flying casings and cartridges.

Wrap around lenses on your shooting glasses not only provide greater eye protection for shooting, but they also give you a wider field of vision. Our happy opticians have specialized in prescription wrap around lenses for the last two decades, and we've perfected our craft. So if you need prescription shooting glasses with wrap around lenses, you've come to the right place!

Bifocal Shooting Glasses & more!

In addition to wrap around prescription shooting glasses, we can certainly do bifocal shooting glasses, shooting glasses with progressives, and pretty much any lens customization you need! If you have questions about buying prescription shooting glasses online, don't hesitate to call our happy opticians. We're here to help!

Lens Material for Awesome Shooting Glasses

When it comes to lens material for prescription shooting glasses, impact-resistant lenses made out of materials like Trivex or polycarbonate is designed to resist shattering upon impact. Our prescription shooting glasses experts over here highly recommend adding an anti-reflective coating to your shooting lenses to protect your eyes from reflective glare that can impact your ability to aim.

Shooting Glasses Colors: Yellow Shooting Glasses, etc.!

In terms of shooting glasses colors, contrast is your friend. Amber and yellow shooting glasses lenses are great for indoor shooting, and rose-copper or brown hues are ideal for outdoor shooting. These lens colors sharpen contrast and heighten depth perception, giving you an in-focus view of the target in your prescription shooting glasses.

Need help ordering prescription shooting glasses online? Give us a call, send us an email, or shoot us a LiveChat! You have a team of opticians here dedicated to helping you see better while doing what you love!

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