SportRx and Troon bring you the ultimate guide to golf sunglasses and prescription golf sunglasses. With the help from the SportRx opticians, you'll have the best golf eyewear to take your game to the next level. After many years of experience in the realm of golf sunglasses, the SportRx opticians have found frame and lens duos that incorporate all the best features for high-performing golf sunglasses. 


To get the most out of golf sunglasses and truly enhance your game, there are some key components to keep in mind when choosing the best golf sunglasses (and prescription golf sunglasses). Our sports opticians break down everything you need to know about golf eyewear in this step-by-step guide: 

What to Look for in Golf Sunglasses:
  1. Frame Features
  2. Lens Shape / Size
  3. Lens Colors / Tints
  4. Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Golf Sunglasses
Prescription Golf Sunglasses:
  1. Bifocal vs. Non-Bifocal Golf Sunglasses (or Progressives)
  2. SportRx Prescription Golf Lenses

Optician Recommendations for the Best Golf Sunglasses

SportRx carries a line of the best golf sunglasses that offer those important frame and lens features.  After many years of experience in the realm of golf sunglasses, the SportRx opticians have found frame and lens duos that work best. SportRx Opticians Recommend:


- Prescription Transitions Golf Lens

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL + PRIZM Golf 

  • The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL with PRIZM Golf lenses are light and comfortable, and feature a lot of coverage and grip for optical alignment. The PRIZM golf lens is a revolutionized technology that provides unbeatable optical clarity and contrast, tailored specifically for golf course environments. With updated styling, more comfort, an improved field of vision with better peripheral views, and a little more wrap around coverage than before, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL PRIZM golf sunglasses are guaranteed to be a great option on the course.





Oakley RPM Squared

  • The Oakley RPM Squared golf sunglasses are designed for women who demand performance and style. These Oakley women’s golf sunglasses features a lot of coverage and a comfortable fit. The thin, semi-rimless frame combined with the Unobtainium no-slip-grip makes the Oakley RPM Squared a great choice for women’s golf sunglasses or prescription golf sunglasses. 


Adidas TourPro

  • The Adidas TourPro is one of the most popular golf sunglasses with its tall lens, semi-rimless design, wrap-around fit, and extremely stylish look. The large resin frame and tri-fit temple traction grip keep these shades in place, and help you maintain a wide field of vision on the course. Top-to-bottom coverage is great for customizing a pair with your Rx, and the sporty-aviator look presents a classy, timeless vibe to go with your heightened sense of style. 


Under Armour Ignitor 2.0

  • The Under Armour Igniter 2.0 make for a great pair of golf sunglasses with it’s sleek style and comfortable fit. These Under Armour sunglasses are semi-rimless for maximum ventilation and visual clarity when tracking your ball. The Under Armour Igniter 2.0 maintains optical alignment throughout the entirety of your golf game with the help of a three-point fit. 


Maui Jim Ho'okipa

  • The Maui Jim Ho’okipa is the #1 selling Maui Jim sports frame. These Maui Jim sunglasses are on the conservative side of golf sunglasses. The Maui Jim Ho’okipa feature an unbelievably lightweight fit for long-lasting comfort, a 3 piece mount system and rubberized grips on the nose and the temples for optical alignment, all of which are important components of golf sunglasses and prescription golf sunglasses. Maui Jim lenses are polarized, so be sure to consider whether polarized lenses will help your golf game


Nike Golf X2

  • The Nike Golf X2 are ultimate game-enhancing sunglasses that feature a taller lens, adds a clean and simple look to your golf attire, and is bound to look good both on and off the course. The adjustable nylon frame enables all-day performance, the secure-wrap temples provide an optimal fit, and the ventilated adjustable nose bridge offers fog-free comfort and stability. They put golf right in the name, so no doubt your expectations will be exceeded when you choose the Nike Golf X2 for your choice of golf sunglasses. 


Greg Norman G4001

  • The Greg Norman G4001 sunglasses feature a durable, yet lightweight frame for all-day comfort on the golf course. These golf sunglasses feature a semi-rimless design so you won’t have to worry about frames getting in the way when tracking your ball, and the anti-slip nose pads and temple grips will keep your frames in place. The Greg Norman G4001 sunglasses and prescription sunglasses are a true top contender for the best golf sunglasses. 


Smith Wayward ChromaPop

  • The Smith Wayward sunglasses are more of a lifestyle frame that pairs perfectly with a buttoned up polo look. These Smith sunglasses provide a lightweight fit with an unbeatable finish. The ChromaPop polarized lenses will enhance contrast on the course, as they were designed to make green pop dramatically. The Smith Wayward with ChromaPop lenses is the perfect mix of golf and lifestyle sunglasses. 


Kaenon Hard Kore

  • The Kaenon Hard Kore sunglasses are great for golfing with its semi-rimless frame design, which provides ventilation and clear vision when teeing up. These golf sunglasses are great for on and off the course, as they feature more of a lifestyle look, with some sporty aspects. 



Bolle King Snake

  • The Bolle Kingsnake sunglasses are great for on and off the course. These Bolle sunglasses have great wrap-around coverage for all day eye protection, and feature an extremely durable build. The Bolle Kingsnake sunglasses offer a sports-casual look with a lifestyle feel. 



The Best Golf Sunglasses Consist of:

  1. Frame Features
  • Lightweight frame material: A sunglass frame constructed with a durable, lightweight material is your best bet towards comfort and distortion-free performance on the golf course
  • Anti-slip nose pads & temple grips: Don't hinder your game with the annoyance of having to readjust your glasses. Rubberized nose pads and temple grips help keep your golf sunglasses securely in place, which becomes especially important if you're wearing prescription golf glasses. These anti-slip features ensure precise optical alignment throughout the entirety of you golf game allowing you to maintain vision through the focal point of your prescription
  • Wrap-around fit: Consider buying a pair of sport sunglasses that have nice wrap around coverage. Not only does this give you great coverage and keep your eyes strain-free, but it also gives you a wider field of vision on the green.
  1. Lens Shape & Size
  • “Tall” Lens Height The height of a lens (otherwise known as a B Measurement in the optical world) is ideally “tall” when it comes to golf sunglasses. Why’s that? Put simply, a lens without enough height oftentimes forces you to look over or under the frame when you’re looking downward in your golf stance. A taller lens gives you a greater area to look through the glasses when you’re addressing the ball, giving you good visibility without having to adjust your position or compromise the form you’ve worked so hard to perfect. The Adidas TourPro is a great pair of golf-specific sunglasses that have fantastic lens height.
  • Wrap-around Lens: While the B Measurement refers to the lens height from top to bottom, a “wrap-around” lens “wraps” or curves around the sides of your eyes, providing you with optimal coverage and peripheral vision.
  1. Lens Colors & Tints
  • When it comes to the best lens colors for golf sunglasses, contrast is the name of the game. Amber, brown, and rose lens colors increase contrast which allows you to track the golf ball with precision and read the greens with better depth perception.
  • Low-to-Medium Light Conditions: Amber/Medium-Brown lens colors – Lens colors from the amber and brown family really brighten up your view in overcast conditions, as well as increase contrast so the golf ball really pops, allowing you to better track the ball when it’s in the air or on the green.
  • Medium-to-Bright Light Conditions: Rose Copper lens colors – Lens colors like rose copper provide more brightness protection than an amber lens, however it also maintains great contrast so that you can still read the break and grain of the green and track the ball with ease
  • All Conditions: Transistions lenses, or photochromic lenses, are light-reactive and will therefore self-adjust to your golf conditions, so that you can wear one versatile pair of golf sunglasses that will take you from overcast, early-morning tee times, to sunnier, back 9 afternoons.
  1. Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Golf Sunglasses
  • When it comes to polarized golf sunglasses, it simply depends Polarized sunglasses are great for cutting out glare that is caused by vertical sun rays bouncing off horizontal surfaces. However, there are downsides to having polarized golf sunglasses. Many golfers will notice their depth perception is thrown off when they wear polarized golf sunglasses. Most true golf sunglasses are not polarized, but nevertheless, there are some golfers who prefer them. It's all a matter of personal preference.
  • Our sports opticians generally do not recommend polarized golf sunglasses, as there’s usually not a ton of reflective glare on the golf course. So unless you are staring at the sand trap or the water hazard for extended periods of time (which hopefully you are not!) there shouldn’t be a lot of glare to distract your vision. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you feel most comfortable with on the golf course.


Your Guide To Prescription Golf Sunglasses:

  1. To Bifocal or Not to Bifocal Your Golf Sunglasses? (Or Progressive)
  • When it comes to prescription golf sunglasses, whether or not to get bifocal or progressive lenses in your golf sunglasses is one of the most common questions we get as sports opticians. And it’s another one of those questions where the answer is: It depends. 
  • Some golfers find it difficult to wear bifocal or progressive lenses on the golf course because the reading area of the lens gets in their way when they look down at the ball on the ground. This causes the ground to look closer than it actually is and can effectively throw off performance. For these golfers, we recommend going without the bifocal or progressive lenses in their prescription golf sunglasses. By doing so, they may forgo reading their scorecard with ease, however this trade-off is much better than compromising performance.
  • On the other hand, some golfers wear their everyday bifocal or progressive eyeglasses on the golf course and they find no issue with it. For these golfers, we usually recommend replicating what they’re already used to when it comes to making their prescription golf sunglasses. If bifocal or progressive lenses are a must-have in your prescription golf sunglasses, we find it best to set the reading area lower on the lens, so that it’s as out of the way as possible while in your natural golfing stance.
  1. SportRx Prescription Golf Lenses
  • The SportRx opticians are such experts in golf, that they’ve created lenses that cater to vision needs and contrasting elements on the course. The SportRx Golf-Specific lenses for prescription golf sunglasses are:
    • A.C.E. Lens: Our A.C.E. lens, also known as the Adaptable Contrast Enhancement lens, is perfect for golfers. This lens changes color with its environment, starting out amber in the morning and darkening as the sun grows brighter. So say you have a 7am tee time and it's a little foggy and overcast. These lenses will be a nice bright amber color to give you a lot of contrast and pop in that morning fog, and as the sun comes out, the lenses will – on their own- adjust to a nice dark brown tint. This unique quality offers optimal contrast for tracking the ball. The benefits don’t stop there. Equipped with an ultra-premium, anti-reflective coating, these shades cut glare and repel dirt and debris.
    • All-in-One Lens:Similar to the A.C.E., the All-in-One becomes lighter or darker, depending on light conditions. The rose copper color of the lens is the main difference here. Rose copper hue sharpens contrast so your vision is optimal for ball tracking and reading the finer details of the green. A red flash mirror coating starts out as an iridescent finish, and darkens for added protection from the sun’s powerful rays. Plus, a back-side anti-reflective coating holds strong in the toughest of glares. So, if you're more in to golfing on those sunny, clear blue sky days, the All-in-One lens is for you.