Troon & SportRx Partnership

As a Troon customer, you have access to the finest golf courses and country clubs with unbeatable guest service, unmatched amenities, and superior dining. Troon & SportRx have fostered a partnership to add one more level to the Troon customer experience.

The SportRx–Troon partnership gives Troon customers access to 40 top eyewear brands, accompanied by the premium service of knowledgeable sports opticians who offer their expertise on how to elevate your game with the best eyewear tailored specifically for golf.

Over the last two decades, SportRx has been an industry leader in sports eyewear and prescription sports eyewear, and have been on a mission to help people see better while doing the things they love.

With your personal team of SportRx opticians, your golf game and experience can be taken to the next level of excellence.

Golf Digest’s David Owen shares his story about how SportRx helped elevate his golf game.

Benefits of the SportRx-Troon Partnership:

  • An additional golf improvement tool. The SportRx–Troon partnership exists to enhance the Troon customer experience with access to one more golf improvement tool in their bag.
  • Premium expert service. SportRx has a dedicated team of sports opticians who understand lens and frame technology and will suit you with the optimal eyewear configurations for pristine vision on the golf course.
  • Elevated golf game. Troon offers an exclusive experience on some of the most high-end golf courses – now through the lens of technologically advanced eyewear designed specifically for golf.
  • Eyewear for off the course. There is also the lifestyle component that coincides with the lifestyle of who the Troon customer is. In addition to premium golf eyewear, the SportRx–Troon partnership brings access to a variety of lifestyle eyewear for off the course, offering premium brands like Maui Jim, Costa, Kaenon, Ray-Ban, Randolph Engineering, and much more. Readers, sunglasses readers, and other prescription eyewear are also made available through this partnership.